Roadsky RS-12/13 Series Two Component Road Marking Machine RS-12/13

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Two component road marking machine is an advanced marking method. Two components marking paint consists of cold plastic paint and curing agent. The two liquids are contained in separate tanks until they are sprayed and confluence in the air during marking operation. After cold plastic paint and curing agent are mixed in the air, they immediately form the marking lines on the road because the curing agent helps speed up the solidification of paint. The marking width can be controlled by adjusting the angle of sprayers.


Model RS-12 (external mixing)                       
Size 1900×1000×1400 mm
Weight 190 kg
Marking Width 50-500 mm
Working Pressure                          10~15 Mpa
Max Flow Rate 7 L/min.

Working Effect:

1. Easier operation than thermoplastic marking
2. Longer life span of marking line than cold paint marking


Hydraulic pumps: There are two pumps: one for two component paint and the other for curing agent.

Spray guns: There are two spray guns, with one spraying cold plastic paint and another curing agent. The height and distance of spray guns can be adjusted to mark lines in different width and spacing

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