Truck Mounted Cold Paint Road Marking Machine RS-5C

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Truck mounted cold paint road marking machine is designed for large scale road marking project like highway line marking. It's multi-functional equipment which can be used for pre-marking or marking wider line in airport.

It is is a pavement construction machine that is widely used in roads, high-grade roads, parking lots, squares, and runways to draw different restrictions, guidelines, and warnings on the flat ground.

Mount the main parts on the truck(trcuk mounted) before usage, and remove it when no working, so it will not affect the use of the vehicle.

Marking width can be flexibly adjusted according to individual needs, all of the gun can be controlled separately.

Model RS-5C
Dimension 1400*950*1250 mm
Weight 450 kg
Paint Tank Capacity 200 kg
Marking Method high pressure airless spraying             
Working Pressure 10-15 Mpa
Air Compressor Air Output             0.366 m³/min
Delivery Rate 18-36 L/min
Engine Power 13 hp
Marking Line Width 100-600 mm
Marking Thickness 0.2-0.8 mm

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Our Certificate:

1. High efficient
2. Easy operation
3. Multi-functional




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